Why The C Cleanse is Different

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When people hear of cleansing, they instinctively believe they have to go on special diets and juices that could starve them of the vital nutrients our bodies need. Not this C Cleanse — this one is much different. According to PERQUE, the C Cleanse is a process that involves the body identifying the need for the nutrients we all know as Vitamin C. To better understand C Cleanse, it is vital to delve into what we need Vitamin C for.


Scurvy is a disease that is caused because the body lacking Vitamin C. Some symptoms of scurvy are bleeding gums, muscle degeneration, bone and joint pain. Vitamin C, while not a vitamin in technical terms, is a substrate that the body can regenerate if functioning at a healthy, efficient level. Those who are unhealthy are not able to regenerate Vitamin C, ultimately wasting the nutrient. Stress in various forms like metabolic acidosis, burden of toxic metals and hormone disruptors or chronic illness break the regeneration cycle of ascorbate leading to an unquenched physiological thirst for Vitamin C.

Ascorbate flush

In the 1980s, PERQUE founder Dr. Russell Jaffe presented what now is called the C Cleanse as the Ascorbate flush—the “beyond bowel tolerance” mechanism to identify physiological Vitamin C requirement. According to PERQUE, Vitamin C in a buffered ascorbate powder form is consumed in increments of 15 minutes until there is a complete evacuation of the gastrointestinal tract contents or a flush/cleanse is achieved (watery stools). There is no need to restrict any solid foods or calories. Being hydrated is important though.

C Cleanse results

Here is a passage from PERQUE regarding C Cleanse results:

“Usually, a C cleanse result of ≤4g is a healthy one and a goal for many to achieve. It is not uncommon though to see results of 50g or a bit higher. Performing the C cleanse on a weekly basis is optimum and usually the amount increases per cleanse till a plateau is reached and then requirement can decrease to the healthy goal.

The universal antioxidant in the body is ascorbate which protects the others e.g. glutathione, selenomethionine, alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin E.  The C cleanse procedure identifies the risk of oxidative stress and extent of antioxidant protection along with removing toxins from the body- cleansing you from within.”

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Justin Welton
Author: Justin Welton