PERQUE Glucose Regulation Guard Forté™


PERQUE Glucose Regulation Guard Forté™ is a natural and comprehensive solution to these problems. Enhanced glucose regulation means more energy, improved immune defense and repair, lower risk of glucose dysregulation, fewer side effects, increased patient satisfaction, and compliance resulting in better outcomes.

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  • Supports healthy blood glucose levels by naturally enhancing glucose transport activity.*
  • Sustainably and safely lowers weight, increases energy, and improves lean body mass.*
  • Formulated with corosolic acid and other powerful herbal extracts proven to improve insulin function.*


PERQUE Glucose Regulation Guard Forté™ produces rapid benefits without reported adverse effects associated with oral hypoglycemic drugs.*

Maintaining blood sugar balance requires efficient delivery of glucose to cells for energy. PERQUE Glucose Regulation Guard Forté™ regulates blood sugar (blood glucose) levels by enhancing glucose transport activity.*

Diet, weight, and exercise are essential for healthy blood glucose levels. However, because it is difficult for most people to maintain ideal diet and exercise programs, a natural aid can help.*

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