PERQUE L-Histidine Guard™


PERQUE L-Histidine Guard™ supplementation can help restore optimum stomach acid production and in turn stimulate the secretion of gastric juices such as pepsin and hydrochloric acid.*

L-histidine is a good source of stomach acid protons, which are often lacking in people with inherent digestive issues and those with acute or delayed allergies.


  • Supports healthy stomach acid production for optimum digestion.*
  • Provides safer antioxidant benefit to address oxidative stress.*
  • Supports healthier cellular metabolism and histidine-histamine balance.*
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Amino acids are building blocks for proteins and essential for growth, tissue repair, enzyme production, and metabolism. The German physician Albrecht Kossel discovered the amino acid histidine in 1896 and while it was first thought to be an essential amino acid only in infants, it later was shown to be essential in adults as well.

L-histidine is not synthesized endogenously by the body to meet its physiological demands and needs to be obtained through dietary protein sources.

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