PERQUE Vessel Health Guard™


PERQUE Vessel Health Guard™ is the only natural and comprehensive solution to these problems.* It contains the fullest potency, safer, more effective forms of:

  • B-6 (pharmaceutical purity pyridoxine)
  • B-12 (pharmaceutical purity hydroxocobalamin)
  • Folate (folacin, vitamin M)
  • Magnesium as ascorbate

All of these are transport-activated with mannitol and xylitol. This increases rapid, full delivery to your brain and other critical body organs.

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  • Healthier homocysteine levels to maintain healthier blood vessels and blood pressure.*
  • Supports normal function of vessels in heart and brain.*
  • Formulated as a lozenge for rapid uptake and quicker results.*


PERQUE Vessel Health Guard™ can make a significant difference in your health.* The difference in 5-year mortality risk was 1,000%, or ten-fold, for those with the highest homocysteine, and 100%, or two-fold, between the higher and lower levels of homocysteine.*

PERQUE Vessel Health Guard™ is uniquely formulated with high-potency nutritives to activate repair systems and lower homocysteine levels to their healthier levels.* A useful target level for healthy homocysteine levels is less than 6.

PERQUE uses only the preferred form of B-12.

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