Miscellaneous Questions

Phosphatidylcholine comes from non-GMO legumes (pure, antigen free)


Chlorophyll comes from organic alfalfa


Croscarmellose from Ash tree


Glycerine comes from plants in the licorice family (organic, pure, antigen free)

Since the edible oils are equivalent from both, time of year & market conditions determine which one is the source.
First morning urine concentrating capacity. This is a simple urine test often done at home by the patient but can be done by any lab that does urine analysis. It can also be done by the multi-stix dipstick if she wants (Multi-Stix) area available at essentially all pharmacies… these stix allow for measuring urine protein as well. The measurement should be > 1.020 if one has healthy concentrating capacity (equals healthy kidney function).
By USDA guidelines, all PERQUE products qualify as ‘extremely low sodium’ which means that they do not need be considered in sodium balance intake
PERQUE uses the same forms of nutrients shown beneficial in outcome studies.  All PERQUE ingredients are bioidentical with transporters and protectors just as in whole foods PERQUE uses the most active forms of all nutrients. While ‘whole food’ is an attractive concept, the levels of nutrients that can be achieved through ‘drying and powdering’ whole foods is low. The amounts of nutrients needed today are often above what can be achieved with drying whole foods and powdering them as the only source. Too often today, production companies adulterate the food being dried in order to get nominally higher nutrient levels but in low bioavailability forms.

PERQUE includes all of the factors found in whole foods, including transporters to facilitate uptake just as happens in whole foods.  In addition we use traditional fermentation, concentration and recrystallization  as the processes to get these nutrients.

PERQUE is the most whole food like supplement.

(Provide document : PERQUE vs Whole Foods in PQ Support material folder  for more information)

No and PERQUE does 3rd party post production tests on all products to make sure they are not contaminated or adulterated
PERQUE uses 100% ionized forms of minerals for optimum absorption, not chelated. In addition we use the Krebs salt forms wherever possible so that they are alkalinizing to the body.
While most tablets have problems with uptake and bioavailability, the unique PERQUE system has all the advantages of capsules with the convenience of a tablet form. E.g: A double blind, placebo controlled trial of our Life Guard comprehensive tablet formula, for example, showed 100% bioavailable uptake. If we were to use capsules, it would take 6-10 capsules to get what 2 Life Guard tablets provide. When compared to other products and you will see how many of other companies capsules are needed to give less than what 2 Life Guard comprehensive formulas provide.
The Stearate issue is one that comes and goes.

Stearate is Stearic acid which is a long chain fatty acid with 18 Carbon atoms ( C18).

One thing should be made very clear .. pure stearate  is naturally present in animal and plant fat.

Where it gets bad is when it is overused and is a product of hydrogenation which PERQUE never does. It is also derived from animal fat in some products which is also something that PERQUE will never use.

However, because seeing the word stearate may cause a problem in the consumers’ minds, we used the C16 C18 alkyls terminology.


Please refer to the document Stearate in the folder PQ Support Materials for more information.

KAS or KufK

These are OU and Chabad accepted kashruth sources of certification