General Frequently Ask Questions

Tabsule is the PERQUE Integrative Health term for a tablet with a capsule like efficacy. Tabsules provide the advantages of capsules and the convenience and enhanced shelf stability of tablets. Tablets are notorious for not absorbing well because of a lot of binder and fillers. Capsules are thought to break down easier in the body. PERQUE tabsules absorb like capsules. When substances like vegetable fiber are used, it’s in limited quantity, in the organic croscarmellose form and the amount is disclosed on the full disclosure label.
PERQUE Mg Plus Guard™ with PERQUE Choline Citrate™*, PERQUE Bone Guard Forte 20™ and  PERQUE Life Guard™   are designed to rebuild minerals in people who have a net excess of acid in their first morning urine. An impaired immune system can also affect acid production. You can also investigate food sensitivity tests such as LRA by ELISA/ACT to improve immune defense and repair function by identifying and avoiding items that burden immune system and increase acid production.   *link to Mg Choline Citrate document
PERQUE Potent C Guard™ taken based on ascorbate calibration (C cleanse) and  PERQUE Repair Guard™ can provide the antioxidant protection required by the body. Also, PERQUE Mg Plus Guard™ with  PERQUE Choline Citrate™can  correct metabolic acidosis which can work synergistically  with adequate antioxidant protection to enhance the body’s natural  IgG production.
PERQUE Potent C Guard™ and PERQUE Repair Guard™ are among the safest products based on over 20 years of experience as well as the purity of the ingredients. There are no contraindications nor have studies been done to confirm evidence of benefit during pregnancy. The faster the body uses up antioxidants like PERQUE Potent C Guard™ and PERQUE Repair Guard™, the more will be needed to achieve the same healthy level in the body.
PERQUE products are best taken with a glass of mineral water or herbal tea which will improve the uptake of nutrients. Better to have the coffee with or after breakfast. If coffee like beverage is needed to ‘wake up’, try using a coffee substitute like Cafix, Pero or Teechino.
Beef is the meat part of the cow but gelatin is derived from the hooves of the cow. While our other products use ‘Kosher’ gelatin, PERQUE EPA/DHA Guard™ does not have Kosher gelatin. Gelatin is always animal origin. PERQUE is bovine and Kosher for the most part in our products
PERQUE is aware of this requirement and are happy to note that we do not use any chemicals that need this warning.
Vegan doesn’t just mean that there’s no egg, it means there is no animal derived ingredients. Examples: Whey does not contain egg but is not vegan and fish oils are not vegan
A buffered solution is a liquid consisting of both acidic and alkaline components in varying intensity. The urine is one such solution and therefore the pH papers we sell/recommend for urine pH testing are designed accordingly.
The Hydrion Lo Ion pH Test Kit is intended to test weakly buffered or unbuffered solutions such as tap water, waste water etc.
PERQUE does not use cellulose in the veggie caps or any supplement
A supplement cannot make a claim that it “lowers cholesterol” – only a drug can.

The following key products can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels:


PERQUE Mito Guard Plus

PERQUE Vessel Health Guard

Gelatin is a protein and in addition to forming the base of the softgel, can help in collagen formation and therefore good for hair skin and nails.

Beeswax is a natural ingredient, used for suspending the contents of the softgel. Many manufacturers choose to use chemicals like polyethylene glycol for this purpose which of course we don’t.

Since 8 oxoguanine is a reflection of the DNA antioxidant status, the antioxidants in  PERQUE Pain Guard™/PERQUE Repair Guard™, PERQUE Whey Guard Repair™, PERQUE Life Guard™, PERQUE Mito Guard Plus™ and also PERQUE Liva Guard Forté™ can  each contribute to keeping the reduce 8-oxo-guanine to the healthy value of <5.3ng/mg creatinine
The d-penicillamine protocol is designed to document toxic mineral burden. The related biological detox program is recommended. Call PERQUE Client Services for complete D-Penicillamine provocation protocol
PERQUE MDP Guard™ provides the carnitine to make the NAC (N-Acetyl-cysteine) that is needed. We do not have any other form of carnitine. Though we don’t have taurine in our line, it is metabolized from the amino acid cysteine which is in PERQUE Detox IN Guard.
PERQUE Mood Guard™ – 2 capsules provides 50 mg of L-Aspartate (Magnesium) that helps to metabolize the brain & nervous system. It also balances brain chemistry by eliminating toxins and chemicals from the body. 2 capsules also provides 500 mg of Glycine which aids in neutralizing and clearing toxins from the body, helps to regulate sleep patterns and generally supports mood balancing.

PERQUE Sleep Guard™ would also have a calming effect.

Low iodine causes   hypothyroidism and also   inappropriate short term bone response leading to osteopenia/osteoporosis. If iodine is given with the thyroid hormone this abnormal response can be avoided. This is the reason, why there is iodine in PERQUE Bone Guard Forté 20™. There is also enough data to show that the amounts are not detrimental to health as many clinicians would point out (often confusing between organic and inorganic forms of iodine).  The Daily Value (DV) is what you need to avoid deficiency conditions. The amount individuals need for health maintenance or restoration are typically several to many times the DV. Same is true for iodine and iodide.
With regard to thyroid function, unexplained low TSH may be due to too much iodine and iodide, however, it takes even more than 50 mg of iodine and iodide intake to suppress the thyroid. With the balance of iodine, selenium and other bone healthy nutrients, PERQUE Bone Guard Forte 20™ can be safely taken to support bone health with or without thyroid dysfunction. *Supporting documentation available PQ_Hashimoto_Iodine_Selenium and Supportive Evidence for Iodine
That is the beauty of Hashimotos. While it is correct that most cases of Hashimots have high TSH, unexplained low TSH may be possible. Either way we are talking about suppression of the thryroid hormone production and the iodine in PERQUE Bone Guard Forte 20™ will not be a problem


Provide Supporting Documents: Jaffe-Brown_BoneHealthArticle, The Alkaline Way in Digestive Health, The Alkaline Way-Integrative Mgt of RA and Other Immune Conditions
Provide supporting documents: PQ Whole Food and Synthetic Supplements and PERQUE vs Whole food supp.
PERQUE uses all natural forms of folate only and not the synthetic folic acid ever
C16 and C18 stand for carbon atom numbers in the formula for stearic and palmitic acid- hence the name C16 C18 alkyls. It is in the PERQUE Mg Plus Guard and some other PERQUE products to facilitate nutrient transport and absorption
In general, for pregnant women, suggested dosage for PERQUE Lifeguard is 2 /day.In addition, we suggest the following (dosage ranges are given as individual needs can vary)

PERQUE Hematin  1-2/day

PERQUE Vessel Health Guard : 1-3/day

PERQUE Mg Plus Guard + Choline Citrate

2 caps with                     1 tsp              1-2 times ( keeping 1st AM pH at 6.5-7.5)

PERQUE EPA/DHA Guard: 2/day