PERQUE Mg (Magnesium) Plus Guard™


PERQUE Mg Plus Guard™ delivers magnesium in fully soluble, fully ionized alkaline salts, ready to buffer the body against the damaging effects of acidity.*

Only PERQUE Mg Plus Guard™ has the benefit of a combination of four transport cofactors. These cofactors first deliver magnesium to the cells, and then add an energy boost when taking their place as activators in the energy production pathway.*


  • Supports healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels while blocking calcium depletion in bone and body.
  • Improves heart & blood vessel health, cell energy production, stress resilience, and restorative sleep.*
  • Formulated with three of the most bioavailable magnesium forms to enhance functional benefits.*
  • Patented enhanced magnesium uptake system when paired with PERQUE Choline Citrate
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PERQUE Mg Plus Guard™ contains only pharmaceutical-grade or better ingredients, optimal for keeping the bone mineral bank full.*

The key to increasing magnesium status is proper absorption. Most people absorb only 4% to 30% of popular magnesium supplements. Typically, supplements contain the oxide or chloride forms of magnesium, which are difficult to absorb.

In addition, people absorb magnesium differently; the form of magnesium best absorbed by each individual can vary. Through taking PERQUE Mg Plus Guard™, which combines three highly bioavailable forms (magnesium glycinate, magnesium ascorbate, and magnesium citrate), the individual will receive the form of magnesium right for him or her, and the synergy of the three will increase absorption of all.*

Patent number: 8,017,160

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