Other Important Tests

Your First Urine after 6+ hours rest gives a good indicator of your body’s mineral reserve and its acid/alkaline state. To check if you are too acidic follow these simple steps. read more
A healthy digestive transit time (12-18 hours) reduces toxin absorption and other digestive issues. read more
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid or l-ascorbate) is nature’s most potent antioxidant. The amount a person should take is easily determined by following these simple steps. read more

PIH has pioneered a number of Safe and inexpensive tests you can perform on yourself at home

Know your basal body temperature read more

Are you hydrated? read more

A guide to healthier breathing. read more

PERQUE PH Level Tracking Chart download here

FAQ pH testing

No. If the specimen were being taken for microbial culture, then only a ‘clean catch’ would be needed. The pH does not change in the urine from the beginning to the end of any particular void since the urine freely mixes in the bladder