What is Nature’s pHarmacy®?

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For over 30 years, Dr. Russell Jaffe and his team have offered a program he originally developed as “The Alkaline Way,” which then became “Nature’s Alkaline Way” to emphasize the fact that this program is based on tuning in to your own healing nature, and creating a personalized proactive prevention plan that includes eating, drinking, thinking and doing all the right things to maximize your “health span,” i.e., the number of years you live without illness or debilitation.

At its core, the program uses the “Food Effects” chart, which Dr. Jaffe compiled using a proprietary formula based upon each food’s nutritional composition to determine whether a food is “acid forming” or “alkaline forming” in the body. Since creating and maintaining an optimal acid/alkaline balance is key, Nature’s pHarmacy® was born! Nature relates both to your innate healing capacity, as well as to the focus on eating a wide variety of fresh, high, quality whole, naturalfoods. pH is a reflection of the fact that eating 60-80% alkaline-forming foods is a key to healthful longevity. And pHarmacy denotes the plethora of options available to you to optimize your health span, including self-tests, healthy recipes, dietary supplements, exercise and so much more to put together your personalized program.

Since we are a product of what we eat, drink, think, and do, it is critical that we remember that optimal health and happiness come down to our choices much more than to chance. Nature’s pHarmacy® is your guide to helping to make better choices and create new daily habits to find your unique path to healthy thriving.

Our goals are twofold. While it’s key to support your body’s own natural immune defense and repair, (including digestive, detoxification, and neurohormone functions) to fend off illness and disease, we also want to you feel amazing. Boosting healthspan is so much more than just treating symptoms, it’s about adding years to life and life to years.

Nature’s pHarmacy™ is based upon the most effective approaches we have found in almost half a century of global investigation and research to improve quality of life and sustain health and happiness. This is not a fad diet or quick fix; Nature’s pHarmacy™ is about finding harmony and balance and a lifestyle that is both sustainable and enjoyable!

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Justin Welton
Author: Justin Welton