Taking care of your heart improves whole body health

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Show your heart the love it deserves each day. Devoting just 5% of your day towards acts of heart healthy living can improve whole body health. Start your day with stretching in bed, include yoga or a movement technique like Feldenkrais, walk, hydrate, and eat alkaline foods.

Don’t forget to stop and feel grateful for life and end the day with a relaxing transition to restorative sleep with an Epsom salt +soda bath. That’s not all – read how committing just 72 minutes each day to key acts of self-care can help keep stress in check, maintain healthy blood pressure and weight, and improve sleep, all of which nurture the heart while also restoring and rejuvenating the entire body.

Self-Renewal in 72 minutes daily (5% of each day)

Now is the time to choose lifelong healthier habits.

Add life to your years and years to your life.

Invest five percent of your time in self-care and reap a lifetime of functional benefits.

Personalized, proactive, predictive, primary prevention practice protocols now and for life.

Evidence and wisdom reconfirms that as we individually practice healthier habits of daily living, then those around us are inspired and encouraged to become healthier. The opposite is also a choice.

Choose life promoting habits; investing 72 minutes daily can improve well-being and reduce disease risks.

  • 5 minutes stretching in bed on rising and before getting out of bed. Include notes from prior nights dreams.
  • Eat and Drink: Many people are healthier when they compress food intake to six hours a day. Stay well hydrated and active the other eighteen hours each day.
  • Start each meal with something warm and wet… water with fresh lime juice, broth (vegetable, fish or meat; neverbone) or fresh vegetable juice. Eat foods you can digest assimilate and eliminate without immune burden.
  • Hydrate by consuming more than four liters (or four quarts) of water or herbal beverage daily.
  • Safer supplements are needed due to today’s environmental toxins in which most of us are marinating. Keep urine well hydrated and sunshine yellow.
  • Use C Cleanse and urine pH after rest to assess magnesium choline citrate needs along with other self-assessments. BetterLabTestsnow.com
  • Generally taking supplements along with food is recommended
  • Health self-care:
  • Use four self-assessments and eight predictive biomarkers with personalized interpretation to cover all life-style choices (Epigenetics). This includes the 92% of lifetime health that epigenetic habits represent. Genetics and transgenerational influences account for the remaining 8%.
  • Include in daily selfcare
    Stretch and breathe deeply as you move about. A few minutes each hour moving about undoes much of the harm of sitting too long.
    • Use a tooth powder for gum and tooth health and not a toothpaste.
    • Use buffered l-ascorbate as mouthwash to promote healthier oral microbiome.
    • Use a goat’s milk or castile soap for body and hair.
    • Take daily morning dose of dietary supplements on rising and with breakfast.

5) Think and Do:

  • Spend 10 minutes daily…
  • doing Hatha Prana Yoga or Tai chi Chuan or Aikido or Pilates or Trager Mentastics or Feldenkrais / Anat Baniel technique… whichever appeals to you.
  • amble or forest bathing or walking, gardening or dancing while observing what is around you.
  • with an intensive journal or recording video or sketching in a free association creative mode.
  • Spend 7 minutes daily being grateful for what you have and sending good will as well as good wishes mentally to those about whom you care. For me, early morning time works better. Learned optimism is a choice.
  • End the day with a personal restorative sleep ritual:
    30 minute
    transition to restorative sleep including
  • Epsom Salt & Baking Soda soak ± cold pressed preferred aromatic oil.
  • Include 5 minutes of abdominal breathing
  • 15 minutes of active mindfulness practice or listen to classical music.
  • Dry off including dry skin brushing with an absorbent towel.
  • Take evening supplements.
  • Stretch in bed for five minutes before sleeping in a cool, dark, WiFi free bedroom.
  • Dichro green light (PAR 38 150 watt dichro) timed for at least 20 minutes while falling asleep and also when awakening helps reset and rebalance the pineal control center.
  • Extra benefits accrue from leaving shoes and exterior clothes at the door and changing into comfortable inside clothes. An ULPA or HEPA air cleaner is needed in most urban areas. Indoor plants can help clean the air people breathe.

72 minutes daily is sufficient to renew, restore, rehabilitate, recreate, and regenerate. Invest in yourself. The dividends are palpable. Feel the difference healthier choices make. Functional tests properly interpreted can document your youthful vitality regardless of chronology.

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