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PERQUE Choline Citrate™

In by Justin Welton

Strengthens cell communication, nerve impulses, & liver bile detox.* Superior physical performance, mental endurance, and efficient use of energy.* Patented enhanced magnesium uptake system when paired with PERQUE Mg Plus…

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Nature’s Solution to Inflammation

In News by Justin Welton

…is likely due toquercetin’s ability to inhibit lipoxygenase and leukotriene B4, both of which are part of the inflammatory cascade.2 Inhibition of histamine release from mast cells which is the…

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Essential Fatty Acids

In Beauty by Justin Welton

…was part of a larger 10-year study that is looking at the EFA Guard effects of fish oil and other non-vitamin supplements on cancer in men and women. What do…

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What doesn’t Zinc do?

In News by Melissa Crispell

…vegan or vegetarian diet it’s ok! Try sprouting, soaking or fermenting to get the best possible outcome. PERQUE Energized Double Zinc Guard is formulated with two powerful activated forms of…

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FDA Strengthens Warning about NSAIDs Risks.

In News by Justin Welton

…Pain Guard Forte and Repair Guard have often been called “nature’s NSAIDs”. Packed with natural flavonoids and flavonols like quercetin dihydrate and orthoproanthocyanadins( OPCs), these 2 unique products offer some…