PERQUE Prost8 Vitality Guard™


Result: Supports healthy testosterone and  other male hormones naturally

Benefits: Healthier bladder function – sleep better with fewer trips to the bathroom in just weeks 

Fact: Formulated with saw palmetto berry
 extract – proven in clinical trials to neutralize harmful testosterone metabolites

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Serenoa repens
(saw palmetto – 85%-95% energized fatty acids)
320 mg.
Lycopene (pure, free, bioactive) 12 mg.
Pygeum africanum (extract)
(pygeum – 13-14% beta sitosterols)
120 mg.
Urtica dioca root (stinging nettle) 40 mg.
Pumpkin seed oil
Palmitic – 613 mcg.
Stearic – 307 mcg.
Oleic – 1,481 mcg,
Linoleic (essential fatty acid) –  2,963 mcg.
Linolenic (essential fatty acid) – 53 mcg.
665 mg.
Zinc (picolinate) 20 mcg.
Selenium (l-selenomethionine) 200 mg.
Glycerine (vegetable)
233 mcg.
Carob extract 72 mg.
Lecithin 29 mg.
Beeswax 72 mg.
Kosher gelatin 418 mg.
Water (deionized, pure) 369 mg.
Beta-carotene 4 mg.
Ascorbyl palmitate 10 mg.

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