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PERQUE Pain Guard Forté has eight unique features that helps promote healing by activating the cells responsible for repair:

1. Nature’s NSAID Unique combination of 100:1 ratio of Quercetin dihydrate : OPC for natural inflammation and pain relief

2. Quercetin dihydrate is  the most bioavailable form of quercetin and better absorbed and accepted by the body than others like rutin and hesperedin that are usually citrus in origin and can cause allergy issues.

3. Excellent antioxidant ORAC value: 171, 00 per 100g

4. NSAIDs:  block body’s effort to repair itself and has negative effects on the body over time (leaky gut)

5. Quercetin Dihydrate (flavanoid) and OPC (flavanol)
-encourages the complete repair process and thereby reduces pro-inflammation enzymes
(H2O Soluble, most effective, safest, most absorbed, expensive form)- doesn’t cover up pain of inflammation, it resolves it by stimulating repair

6. OPC (Activin®) (Proanthocyanadins) antioxidant
-absorbed into cell membranes, protecting against fat and H2O soluble free radicals
-92% fully soluble, bioactive, solvent free form (super potent)

7. Enzymes are not needed to activate ingredients in Pain Guard

8. Works with “C” to reduce inflammation

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Justin Welton
Author: Justin Welton