PERQUE D3 Cell Guard is conveniently dosed for children at 500IU of Vitamin D3 per drop.

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The Start of a New School Year Brings a Flood of Cold/Flu PERQUE Double Zinc Guard has 25mg of 100% bioavailable elemental zinc in the citrate and picolinate forms. PERQUE Zinc & Throat Guard Lozenges provides 15 mg zinc in 3 ionized, elemental, and soluble forms. PLUS L-Ascorbate for optimal absorption, Slippery Elm to sooth throat irritation, 100% active & soluble Echinacea, and great tasting cherry/raspberry, sweetened with sucanat.

Zinc is an essential mineral that is found in every cell in our body. It stimulates the activity of almost 100 enzymes in the body. Among its many functions, zinc helps maintain a healthy immune system, is needed for wound healing, helps maintain sense of taste and smell, and is needed for DNA synthesis.

Clinical Evidence Supporting Zinc:
The impact of long-term oral zinc supplementation was studied in a randomized placebo-controlled study in Miami, Florida. Fifty percent (50%) of patients with HIV infection, who already have a compromised immune system, also have zinc deficiency. 231 HIV-infected adults, with low plasma zinc levels, were randomized to zinc (12 mg of elemental zinc for women and 15 mg for men) or placebo for 18 months. The participants’ HIV viral load and CD 4(+) cell count were determined every 6 months.

Zinc supplementation was associated with a 76% reduced risk of immunological failure, compared with placebo. Additionally, zinc supplementation was associated with a 60% reduced risk of diarrhea compared with placebo.

It was thus concluded that “This study demonstrated that long-term (18-month) zinc supplementation at nutritional levels delayed immunological failure and decreased diarrhea over time.”

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Justin Welton
Author: Justin Welton