On the Importance of Balanced Minerals

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Why do PERQUE formulations use a balance of minerals?

Supplementation of single, individual minerals is definitely not natural and can be unhealthy.

A recent meta-analysis of 15 clinical studies showed that calcium supplementation (without the coadministration of vitamin D) for the treatment of osteoporosis was associated with a 30% increased incidence of myocardial infarction. Most people above the age of 40 use calcium supplements, and widespread use of calcium supplements means that even a small increase in incidence of cardiovascular disease could translate into a large burden of disease in the population and negate the beneficial effects of calcium.

Rather than provide calcium in isolation, PERQUE formulations provide a healthy balance of all minerals and vitamins including vitamin D. The combination of calcium and vitamin D has been shown to be more effective than vitamin D alone in reducing non-vertebral fractures.
PERQUE Bone Guard Forte 20 is a comprehensive bone support formulation with a combination of:

13 minerals including calcium, magnesium and zinc & 5 vitamins including D3, K1 and K2

All the nutrients in this formulation promote alkalinization and are balanced naturally. PERQUE formulations, including PERQUE Bone Guard Forte 20, avoid dominance of any one particular nutrient: just like in food.

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Justin Welton
Author: Justin Welton