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Why The Competition Is Not!  

According to the findings published in a research letter Feb. 11 in JAMA Internal Medicine, some vitamin D supplements pack more of this essential nutrient than what’s listed on the label and some, much less. Researchers of course are more concerned with supplements that deliver too little vitamin D over those that deliver too much.

“It can be hard to overdose on vitamin D,” said study author Dr. Erin LeBlanc, an endocrinologist and researcher with the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Ore. However, the findings “may be a concern for those who have been told by their doctor to take vitamin D if their chosen supplement does not have the amount listed.”

55 bottles of over-the-counter vitamin D pills sold at consumer retailers were tested and found they contained anywhere from 9% to 140% of the doses listed on labels, according to the research.

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