Dr. Jaffe comments on article published in Heart journal online on May 23rd, 2012

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Calcium supplements should be taken ”with caution,” Swiss researchers warn, as they may raise your risk of heart attack.

Calcium supplementation recently came under attack when Swiss researchers came out with a study that says taking calcium supplements can raise risk of heart attack. At face value this research raises doubt if not concern. The context of research is important and too often overlooked.

Too much of anything including calcium, be it through supplementation or food, can raise heart and blood vessel hardening risks in some people. We at PERQUE Integrative Health (PIH) also recommend that consumers be smarter with their diets and when selecting a calcium supplement. Consumers want to be sure that what they’re consuming imparts a healthy calcium balance – not too high and not too low.

Maintaining healthy calcium levels is not about loading up on calcium supplements or even calcium rich foods. It’s really about increasing magnesium which is responsible for preventing calcium deficiencies in the first place. Unfortunately, the average diet consists of heavily processed foods that deplete magnesium and potassium levels. When this imbalance is present in the body, calcium is also lost.

To correct mineral deficits like calcium, a comprehensive multi-mineral formulation like PERQUE Bone Guard Forté 20, is required. However, to truly maintain healthy levels of calcium, we must ensure that our magnesium levels are healthy too. Nutrient deficits, environmental toxins, and an acid forming diet results in blocked cellular uptake of magnesium. To correct this, we researched, developed and patented a unique safer enhanced magnesium uptake system. Using PERQUE Mg Plus Guard in combination with PERQUE Choline Citrate ensures an optimum calcium-magnesium balance for life.

Healthy mineral intake is undoubtedly a critical component to sustained health. Understanding the facts about the biological systems that utilize these nutrients is key to selecting the right kinds of supplements that work synergistically with each other to prevent chronic disease and illness. Diet plays an important role in this as well.

That’s why PIH advocates eating the‘Alkaline Way TM’ which not only keeps the body on track to achieve the desired acid/alkaline balance but also assures healthy intake of minerals. We are the result of our choices about eating, drinking, thinking and doing. The Alkaline Way embraces the best of health promotion tailored to individual needs and preferences.

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Justin Welton
Author: Justin Welton