A Drink Before Bed for Better Sleep?

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A tipple before bedtime may get you off to sleep faster but it can disrupt your night’s slumber, say researchers who have reviewed the evidence. The London Sleep Centre team says studies show alcohol upsets our normal sleep cycles. While it cuts the time it takes to first nod off and sends us into a deep sleep, it also robs us of one of our most satisfying types of sleep – sleep where dreams occur. Used too often, it can cause insomnia. Many advocate a nightcap. Nursing homes and hospital wards have even been known to serve alcohol to help patients, but scientists strongly advise against it.

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Restorative Sleep

A good night’s sleep is elusive to many, whether you have fibromyalgia, anxiety/depression, diabetes or just going through the normal course of life. To get up in the morning, energized and ready to start the day is a hope and a goal that many strive for.

PERQUE Integrative Health (PIH) can help!

Reach for the new PERQUE Liva Guard Forté and PERQUE Potent C Guard and   for a more restful, restorative sleep without leaning on alcohol and potential free radical irritation to stimulate deep sleep rhythms and REM sleep. Using PERQUE Magnesium Plus Guard with PERQUE Choline Citrate can further help by calming and relaxing the nerves. The Alkaline Way™ suggests 5 minutes of abdominal breathing and 15 minutes of meditation under the beam of green dichromatic lights to complete the experience.

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