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Magnesium- The Wonder Mineral

In Beauty, Energy by Justin Welton

…help maximize magnesium absorption when used along with PERQUE Mg Plus Guard (Read Mg and Choline Study). Using PERQUE Mg Plus Guard & PERQUE Choline Citrate together, and maintaining the…

Help Diabetic patients mitigate B-12 deficiency

In Beauty, Energy, News, Uncategorized by Justin Welton

PERQUE Activated B-12 Guard & PERQUE Vessel Health Guard help Diabetic patients mitigate B-12 deficiency. Read Dr. Jaffe’s Clinical Pearl to find out how. Did you enjoy this post?…

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What doesn’t Zinc do?

In News by Melissa Crispell

…vegan or vegetarian diet it’s ok! Try sprouting, soaking or fermenting to get the best possible outcome. PERQUE Energized Double Zinc Guard is formulated with two powerful activated forms of…

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Start the Year with a Detox Plan!

In News by Justin Welton

…takes advantage of the synergy of 4 products: PERQUE Detox IN Guard™ contains a unique blend of sulfur amino acids, lipotropic factors and minerals that support all of the body’s…