“I started PERQUE Choline Citrate™ and PERQUE Mg Plus Guard™ and was pleasantly surprised with the improved mental clarity and increased motivation within a very short two days but was also quite happy to find that I had not had any more muscle cramps. I am excited to start offering these products to my patients as well.”

Susan M. Eichorst, PA-C, MMSc
Littleton, CO

“Thanks to the PERQUE products Mito Guard Plus, D3 Cell Guard, Double Zinc Guard and Activated B12 Guard, my post-COVID fatigue has practically disappeared. In fact, I began to notice improvement within a couple of weeks. The fatigue as we hear about it in the news takes much longer to disappear in other people than the three months I suffered from it. That’s very much thanks to you!”

Entrepreneur, UK

“The purity and quality of the supplements are often really important, in that patients who can’t tolerate other things can often tolerate the PERQUE products. PERQUE Potent C Guard™ is unlike anything else that’s out there.”

N Schwartz, MD

Mequon, WI

“I have had direct experience with PERQUE products. In 24 hours, these products accomplished what other products failed to do in 6 weeks; they completely relieved all of my bronchial symptoms.”

Douglas Fleckman, CCN, FACN

“We have wonderful, wonderful results with PERQUE products. I love PERQUE Repair Guard™.  I’ve had about nine people with torn rotator cuffs, my brother being the first one, and eight out of nine — no surgery necessary.”

G.F. Mauer, RPh, CCN

Brazil, IN