Protect your Heart & Bones with Vitamin D

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A recent study shows that with vitamin D you can regulate homocysteine, helping the heart and bone at the same time! 


Homocysteine is usually linked with cardiac status; B vitamins such as Vitamin B6, folate and Vitamin B12 are routinely recommended for maintaining a healthy homocysteine level ( we recommend <6).

However, increasing research indicates that elevated homocysteine is a strong risk factor for poor bone health leading to fractures especially among the elderly. The Finnish Hordaland study is another example where elevated homocysteine levels and folate levels were associated with decreased bone mineral density in women.

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Vitamin D influences Homocysteine

Vitamin D is undoubtedly one of the main players in maintaining bone health with its effects on calcium absorption, bone mineralization and remodeling.  A group of Belgian researchers recently published their findings showing that vitamin D levels influenced homocysteine, had a negative impact on collagen maturation leading to compromised bone quality and strength.

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Justin Welton
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