Got Questions?  We’ve Got Answers!

PIH offers an array of Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) in response to inquiries sent to us by both patients and doctors.

Questions About PIH Solutions:

Question: What solutions does PERQUE offer for someone who has tried an alkalizing diet, uses alkaline water and still has a very acidic 1st morning urine pH?

Response:  PERQUE Mg Plus Guard with PERQUE Choline Citrate*, PERQUE Bone Guard and PERQUE Life Guard rebuild minerals in people who have a net excess of acid in their first morning urine. An impaired immune system can also affect acid production. You can also investigate food sensitivity tests such as LRA by ELISA/ACT to improve immune defense and repair function by identifying and avoiding items that burden immune system and increase acid production.


Question: What are the PERQUE products that can address 8-oxoguanine levels?

Response: Since 8 oxoguanine is a reflection of the DNA antioxidant status, the antioxidants in  PERQUE Pain/Repair Guard, PERQUE Whey Guard Repair, PERQUE Life Guard, PERQUE Mito Guard and also PERQUE Liva Guard Forte can each contribute to keeping or reducing 8-oxo-guanine to the healthy value of <5.3ng/mg creatinine.


Question: Do you think that taking Resveratrol is redundant if you are currently taking PERQUE Repair Guard on a healthy maintenance dose?

Response: PERQUE Repair Guard is similar in action to resveratrol yet different in ingredients. People need different amounts based on individual need. The best current measures of sufficient PERQUE Pain or Repair Guard, and/or PERQUE Whey Guard Repair are based on oxidative stress markers such as CRP (hsCRP < 0.5 is the healthy goal), oxidized HDL/LDL and 8-oxoguanine (with the health goal of undetectable or 0 and <5.3ng/mg respectively) for these markers of oxidative stress.


Question:  Does regularly doing the C cleanse help with iodine deficiency?

Response:  Ascorbates improve all micro-mineral uptake and action including iodine.  Sources of available iodine include sea vegetables and PERQUE Bone Guard Forte 20.


Question: What suggestions does PERQUE have for a 70 year old man with prostate health needs?

Response: PERQUE Prost8 Vitality Guard contains 8 vital prostate support nutrients including  saw palmetto, Pygeum Africanum and others  in amounts found beneficial for prostate health


Question:  Is there a supplement that’s proven to boost low IgG? (in instances when I.V. immunoglobulin therapy is not practical)

Response:  PERQUE Potent C Guard taken based on ascorbate calibration (C cleanse) and PERQUE Repair Guard can provide the antioxidant protection required by the body. Also, PERQUE Mg Plus Guard with PERQUE Choline Citrate can correct metabolic acidosis which can work synergistically with adequate antioxidant protection to enhance the body’s natural IgG production.


Question: How does the Omega 3 fatty acid pharmaceutical “Lovaza” compare to PERQUE fish oil formulations?( (1 capsule provides 465 mg of EPA and 375 mg of DHA).

Response: 2 PERQUE EPA/DHA Guard softgels provide 660mg  EPA and 500 mg DHA, more than Lovaza.


Question: What protocol would you recommend for someone with high heavy metal toxicity, including uranium and arsenic, with deteriorating kidney, liver and thyroid function?

Response: The d-penicillamine protocol is designed to document toxic mineral burden. The related biological detox program is recommended.

Call PERQUE Client Services at 1.800.525.7372 for complete D-Penicillamine provocation protocol


Questions about Dosing and Instructions for Use:

 Question: Is there any contraindication to having PERQUE products with ascorbates, amino acids and coffee at the same time?

Response: PERQUE products are best taken with a glass of mineral water or herbal tea which will improve the uptake of nutrients. Better to have the coffee with or after breakfast. If coffee like beverage is needed to ‘wake up’, try using a coffee substitute like Cafix, Pero or Teechino


Question:  Are there any contraindications or limits on safe dosing for PERQUE Potent C Guard and PERQUE Repair Guard for help with common cold/respiratory symptoms during late pregnancy?

Response:  PERQUE Potent C Guard and PERQUE Repair Guard are among the safest products based on over 20 years of experience as well as the purity of the ingredients. There are no contraindications nor have studies been done to confirm evidence of benefit during pregnancy. The faster the body uses up antioxidants like PERQUE Potent C Guard and PERQUE Repair Guard, the more will be needed to achieve the same healthy level in the body.


Question: Is there a contraindication to taking PERQUE Potent C Guard (that has potassium) with a blood pressure that warns to stay away from potassium

Response: Usually with healthy kidney function there should not be any problem. However, do consult your health practitioner before beginning and if you do have kidney disease, follow the guidance of your nephrologist or kidney specialist.


Question: What is the amount of PERQUE Potent C Guard that needs to be taken between C Cleanses?

Response: Between cleanses, on a daily basis, we suggest trying to take 75% of the amount that was needed for the C Cleanse.


Question: Why does PERQUE activated B12 Guard have 33,000% of the RDI for vitamin B12 ?What are the benefits and is this safe to take on a regular basis?

Response: RDAs and RDIs are set so that people can avoid deficiency diseases. Most of today’s integrative medical community recognizes that these levels are too low to achieve any meaningful therapeutic purpose. PERQUE functional nutrient levels too are set higher based on need in today’s toxin rich and high stress world.


Question: PERQUE Pain Guard label suggests a dosage of anywhere from 4 to 16 tablets a day for severe pain. I use 10 to 15 depending on how I feel. It works, but I want to know if there are any toxicity concerns at this level?

Response: At that level and above, this all natural product has been used safely for over 20 years. There is no toxicity concern of which we are aware from the medical literature or clinical report.


Question: Should PERQUE Adreno Distress Guard be taken with or without food and in the morning or at bedtime?

Response: PERQUE Adreno Distress Guard may be taken at any time, with or without food. As a balanced trophorestorative formula it does not require either absence or presence of food for best results.


Questions About the Biologically Preferred Ingredients in PERQUE products:

Question: What type of folate is used in PERQUE products; natural or synthetic folic acid?

Response: PERQUE uses all natural, forms of folate only and not the synthetic folic acid ever


Question: Does PERQUE use the Ubiquinone or Ubiquinol form of CoQ10?

Response: UbiquiNOL is the reduced form of CoQ10 and is more water soluble than usual CoQ10. According to the manufacturer, it is taken up three times better than conventional CoQ10. However, once in the body, it must be oxidized in order to be active in the body. PERQUE Mito Guard Plus has the highest purity CoQ10 in the ubiquinone form micellized in 100% rice bran oil with vitamins E to protect and improve the action of the CoQ10. PERQUE Mito Guard Plus is more than three times better than conventional CoQ10 and does not have to be re-oxidized once inside the body in order to work.

Ask PERQUE Client services for more information supporting this ( Ubiquinol/ubiquinone document)
Question: How well is the hydroxocobalamin form of B12 in Activated B12 Guard absorbed? How does it compare to cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin

Response: Conversion of cyanocobalamin form is limited and methylcobalamin  has a very short halflife, therefore we recommend the PERQUE B12 Guard or Vessel Health Guard where oral mucosa can take up 100% of the hydroxocobalamin


Question: What type of fish is used in PERQUE Triple EFA Guard?  Also, why doesn’t PERQUE use Krill oil?

Response: PERQUE uses the highest quality cold water marine fish oil which is distilled under nitrogen to protect the active components and to remove toxins. PERQUE does not use Krill because we do not recommend harvesting large amounts of Krill. They form a critical component of the food chain, and over harvesting of krill could lead to  adverse effects on the food chain that depends upon krill. It’s no wonder that Krill are endangered in much of the world.


Question: Why does PERQUE use sugar instead of stevia in the PERQUE Whey Guard?

Response: While it is true that PERQUE Whey Guard has sugar, this product has a very low glycemic load like any healthy meal.  So, like food, this meal has a small amount of whole sugar including the factors needed to metabolize the sugar which is required for cells to make energy. We prefer to avoid the aftertaste and off taste issues associated with stevia.


Question: What are your thoughts on the May 2009 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by M. Ristow et al which found that 1,000 mg. of Vitamin C and 400 IU of Vitamin E when combined with exercise negated the expected increase in insulin sensitivity that normally results from exercise?

Response: PERQUE only uses the natural 100% reduced, fully buffered all l-ascorbate and all eight forms of vitamins E.( add link to our blurb on tocotrienols etc) This is in contrast to the synthetic, commercial ascorbate and d-alpha tocopherol succinate used in the PNAS study. The literature that shows benefit from the natural forms used by PERQUE stands in contrast to the study referenced here that used synthetic forms that PERQUE does not use or recommend.


Question: Is PERQUE Liva Guard Forte recommended for persons with liver damage such as cirrhosis? Carotenoids have been stated to be toxic to the liver… is that true?

Response: Yes, PERQUE Liva Guard Forte can be given to someone with cirrhosis for enhanced liver support. The mixed all natural carotenoids used in PERQUE Liva Guard have always been found helpful for antioxidant and liver support  and have none of the concerns raised about isolated or synthetic carotenoids.


Question:  Recent studies and meta-analyses have suggested that antioxidants are not beneficial to health; is there really an antioxidant myth?  Please share your scientific opinion.


1.) PERQUE uses only the natural forms of nutrients. Additionally, we provide all the beneficial forms of these nutrients e.g., mixed  vitamins E, all 8 forms of folate, mixed carotenoids etc. By giving an isolated form of a nutrient e.g.  beta carotene,  you dilute the other carotenoids; if you give only d-alpha tocopherol you dilute other tocopherols and the same is true for any use of synthetic nutrients as pharmaceuticals.  PERQUE formulations are specifically designed to prevent these kinds of issues.

2.) In these reviews, an absence of data is often taken as data of absence. This is highlighted in the Cochrane collaboration rejection of supplements that is often cited and is designed to achieve its goal using a deeply flawed methodology. There are others where we have noticed the same issues.

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