PERQUE Regularity Guard

Formulated with unprocessed prebiotic fibers that nurture healthier probiotics,

Improves overall digestive health, and supports healthy glucose levels.

Helps restore a healthier 12-18 hour digestive transit time.


PERQUE Digesta Guard Forte

5 billion peak-harvested 10-strain microorganisms per capsule.

Comprehensive intestinal support protects the digestive track even when under assault.

Supports digestive health by adding healthy, living, & human implantable probiotic microorganisms.

PERQUE Endura / PAK Guard

Patented recycled glutamine formula prevents build up of glutamate -  a powerful excito-neurotoxin that damages nerves.

Improves digestive health, increases stamina, and sharpens mental clarity.

Safely increases glutamine in the brain, muscle and gut for significantly better energy production throughout the body. Click here to request samples.

Digestive transit time refers to the time from ingestion to elimination. Long transit times (more than 18 hours) allow more toxins and unhealthy waste products to be reabsorbed and interfere with proper metabolism.

A healthy digestive transit time is critical to overall good digestive health. The PERQUE Integrative Health Transit Time kit makes it easy to measure yours.

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