For half a century, Dr. Russell Jaffe has been investigating, researching, and communicating. As a physician and scientist, he aspired to be comprehensive, objective, empiric, and experiential. Dr. Jaffe started his career that included a passion for deeper understanding, wisdom, evidence, and insight into mechanisms of good and ill health.

Starting from intense curiosity and learned skepticism, Dr. Jaffe sought to debunk the best-known advocates of a variety of traditional health promotion and healing systems. What started as a journey to disprove holistic forms of care became a rich educational experience that transformed Dr. Jaffe into a student and then researcher in such areas as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture, active meditation, systems biology, and manipulative arts.

Dr. Jaffe came to stunning realizations. The Western model of healthcare he studied, trained in, and researched was fundamentally flawed. He learned that symptom suppression is not the same as personalized health promotion; sick care is not the same as healthful caring; abstract information is not the same as relevant wisdom. He rediscovered that treating disease is not the same as helping whole people heal.

The discoveries Dr. Jaffe made during this period of exploration inspired a rethinking for how to teach and practice medicine. He became deeply involved in healthcare policy and became an original pioneer of the preventative healthcare movement that is now reaching mainstream attention. At a minimum, a million lives annually in the US alone can be saved with what is now known about lifestyle and environmental influences on health. The results include a trillion dollars annually to fund the transition to health promotion before disease treatment. This also adds eight trillion dollars annually to the US national balance sheet.

Predicting the change that is now accelerating, Dr. Jaffe went on to create a series of organizations. Collectively, they provide people with sustainable and integrative healthcare solutions that focus on causes more than consequences, a full rethinking of the current system to include high tech yet high touch personalized proactive predictive primary prevention practices and protocols.

Today, Dr. Jaffe continues to advance and document the benefits of lifelong wellbeing. Join us. Spread this message of help and hope, evidence, and experience to provide us all the news they need to know to live healthier, happier lives in the 21st Century.