PERQUE Mito Guard 60 Plus™

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Result: Powerful CoQ10 & tocopherol antioxidants that fuel the heart with energy.

Benefit: Reduces inflammation and is essential for healthier heart function.

Fact: Micellized ubiquinone CoQ10 that is three times more bioavailable and functional than other CoQ10s including the ubiquinol form.

More Information

Vitamin E (from mixed natural tocopherols) 60 IU
Pure CoenzymeQ10 60 mg.
Rice Bran oil 192 mg.
Gamma oryzanol 2289 mg.
Glycerine 49 mg.
Beeswax 15 mg.
Beta carotene (from pure palm fruit carotenoid oil) 1,667 IU
Kosher gelatin 106 mg.