Save 20% on a Detox Kit or a Foundation Products Kit

Detox Kit

Detox Kit Includes:
PERQUE DetoxIN Guard™PERQUE Liva Guard Forté™PERQUE Potent C 
Guard™ and PERQUE EPA/DHA Guard™

A simple, evidence-based, multi-system program:

  • Safer, natural 4-product system
  • Supports Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3
  • Helps remove water-soluble and fat-soluble toxins
  • Convenient 30 day or more gentle 60 – 90 day program options

Foundation Products Kit

Foundation Products Kit Includes:
PERQUE Mg Plus Guard™, PERQUE Choline Citrate™PERQUE Life Guard™ (or PERQUE Life Guard Mini™) and PERQUE Potent C Guard™

A comprehensive nutritional foundation system containing:

  • A multivitamin/mineral with 40 essential nutrients to protect the  heart, body, and brain.
  • Fully buffered and reduced 100% L-ascorbate providing powerful, personalized antioxidant protection
  • A patented, enhanced magnesium uptake system with three of the most bioavailable magnesium forms and choline citrate, to help alkalinize the body,  support heart and blood vessel health, enhance bile functionality and improve mental and physical performance .

BONUS: Get a free Transit Time Kit with each Detox Kit purchased, and get a free pH Kit with each Foundation Products Kit purchased!

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Have a HEALTHY holiday season and 2020! These kits make GREAT holiday gifts for yourself and for your loved ones.

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